"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" - Rumi

I love nature and I love photography. I can't remember if photography made me fall in love with nature or if nature made me fall in love with photography! But nature photography is what pleases my heart and gives me immense happiness.

In this hectic modern world, I feel we have distanced ourselves from nature to our own detriment. My intention is not only to expose the beauty and happiness offered by Mother Nature, but to also inspire others to take that stroll outside and experience the joy for themselves.

My love for travel helps me explore some amazing places. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I frequently travel to New Zealand. So these beautiful places are the main focus of my portfolio. I've also photographed a number of other countries, including my birthplace Fiji as well as several European countries.


The Other Half

Photographers often live a life in solitude but I'm very fortunate that I have this partner in crime to share my life with.

Avishkar is always accompanying me on my travels and photography adventures, even for most of those early morning sunrise shoots! He'll happily become a model for me when I need one. And of course, he is always helping me tow my equipment around. Over time, he has even come to offer some fantastic artistic suggestions for my photography.

I'm always grateful to him for his support and patience. I couldn't have asked for a better photography partner!

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